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Eerie Critters from the Deep:  Spooky Eyes

Just in time for Halloween, a collection of deep sea creatures with enormous eyes from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute…

Glass Squid, Owl fish, Vampire Squid, Rattail fish, Longnose Skate, Crystal Isopod, Spot Prawn, Barreleye fish, Slickhead fish, Sea Toad fish, Dover Sole, Swordtail Squid, Shiny Loosejaw fish, 8-armed Squid, and Ray Troll’s Ratfish.

(Source: MBARI)

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Neil Armstrong was the first human being on the moon

Neil A.

Now say that backwards

wake up, America 


did we send neil armstrong to the moon

or did we send him back to the moon


I kept saying it like ‘A lie n’. Which sounds like a lion. And I was like wtf are you guys going on about.

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Words Of A Pleiadian : WAKE UP HUMANS (by TheOmniscient333)

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Warp Drives

In Hank’s words, “consider this the most basic of primers regarding a device that will probably not ever exist”.

Manipulating Space-Time

Einstein’s theory of relativity holds that nothing can move faster than light. However, the idea of warp drive is instead of moving the object, we move the space around it, manipulating space-time.

This creates a loophole in Einstein’s theory, because while it is impossible for any object to move faster than light, scientists do not believe that there is a speed-limit imposed on space-time itself.

Alcubierre and The Warp Bubble

Mexican phycisist Miquel Alcubierre suggest that, to achieve warp-drive, the object holds still inside a “warp bubble” while space moves around it.

The “warp” in “warp-time” refers to the idea that it would use gravity to compress space-time ahead of it, and expand space-time behind it. The empty space behind the vehicle expands rapidly, pushing the craft forward. Passengers of the vehicle would percieve this as very fast movement.

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